Congress Objectives

The APLIC Congress was formed with the following objectives:-

To Promote Professionalism

The APLIC Congress is aimed at promoting professionalism of financial services advisory in the region. Through various joint educational and professional training courses, seminars and conventions, the APLIC Congress aims to raise the standard of professionalism and business practices of financial advisors and managers in the region.

Professional Fraternity and Friendship

The APLIC Congress and educational programmes aims to promote the professional fraternity and friendship among financial advisors and professionals in the region.

Economic and Geographic Grouping

The APLIC Congress meeting is a gathering of financial advisors and life insurance sales professionals from countries in the same economic and geographic grouping. The proximity and economic zoning of the APLIC Congress countries will result in greater co-operation and integration at all levels and among professional associations.

Regional Training and Education

Through the ALIC Congress concept, regional sales, management and technical seminars, workshops, conventions and courses are co-coordinated and organized to promote educational standards and professionalism.

Business Development and Productivity

The APLIC Congress concept facilitates and promotes the business development and productivity of the financial services professionals. By increasing productivity and enhancing business development, the services and benefits of life insurance can be rendered to a wider population. The APLIC Congress aims to promote higher productivity and professional excellence.

Exchange of Ideas and Experiences

The APLIC Congress provides the opportunities for professionals in the financial services career to fraternize, exchange ideas, motivate and inspire fellow delegates. Delegates can learn from each other their business practices, success standards and achievements, innovation and changes and country experiences.

Improve Practice Development Competence, Planning and Services

Through exchange of innovative ideas and practice experiences among delegates, the APLIC Congress aims to help professionals in the region to improve their professional practice, competence, planning and services

Promote Goodwill and Understanding The APLIC Congress aims to help promote regional understanding, goodwill and friendship among members in the region. In a world of change and uncertainty, the gathering of delegates of the same profession from different countries in the region is essential to promote peace, goodwill, mutual understanding and respect.

Professional Pride, Prestige and Image

The APLIC Congress aims to help individual countries to mature and develop the financial services professionalism and business excellence, enhancing the professional pride, dignity, self-esteem and image of the financial services professionals.

Public Awareness: Economic and Social Worth The APLIC Congress aims to forge new strategies to enhance public awareness and understanding; build positive perceptions of the role of financial professionals and the financial services industry in the development of economic strength and social stability in the region.

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