"The Asia Pacific Life Insurance Council (APLIC Council) was formed in September 1991"

Our Humble Beginnings

The Asia Pacific Life Insurance Council (APLIC Council) was formed in September 1991, when the inaugural meeting was held in Singapore, attended by the Presidents of the National Life Underwriter Associations from Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. In conjunction, the 1st Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress (APLIC) was held hosting more than 5,000 delegates from the region. With a common goal, the members of the APLIC Council extended their invitations to include other National Associations from Japan, India, Macau and Taiwan. Following the success of the 1st APLIC Congress, the APLIC Congress was held bi-annually and has since became an event greatly anticipated by financial advisors in the region.

The Revolution Begins

Keeping abreast of the many changes in the insurance industry, many of the National Life Underwriter Associations in the region have shifted their focus to the financial service with name changes. In line with this change, the APLIC Council changed its name to the Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFinSA) on July 2003, locating its Secretariat in Singapore. The congress retains its name as the APLIC Congress.

The Association Today

Today, ten countries are represented. More than 8,000 delegates attend the bi-annual congress, making it the largest financial services congress in the region.

With one voice, APFinSA serves as the leading speaking platform for industry issues in the region. In addition, APFinSA aims to assist the formation of national associations in the other regional countries and/or territories.


Representation of LOGO

The APFinSA Logo is represented by the crest above. The logo represents the unification of its members across the boundaries of APFinSA

Logo Element: The Globe:

The globe represents the BOUNDARIES OF APFinSA, comprising o countries in the South-East Asia and the Asia Pacific region. The colour Blue symbolises the color of the sea where borderless camaraderie friendships are formed.

Logo Element: The Significance of " APFinSA" :

The name is a concatenation of the initials " APFinSA" , representing the Asia Pacific Financial Services Association. Logo Element: The Circle The Circle represents unity among the members.

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