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"International Certification and Standards Board (ICSB)"

International Certification and Standards Board (ICSB)

The International Certification and Standard Board (also referred to as the "ICSB") is a key standing committee of APFinSA (formerly APLIC). The composition of the committee generally does not change every two years as in the case of Management Committee (Mancom) members. This ensures that experienced leaders are kept long enough to help build the Association. Function-wise, it is the certification, standard and guidelines setting, training and education division of APFinSA.

Mr Paul Chan ICSB Chairman

Paul Chan is the Chairman of ICSB and has been a member of ICSB since 2009. He has served IFPAS since 1999, first as a sub-committee member, then as a Vice President and in 2004/2005 was the President of IFPAS.

He holds the Chartered Life Underwriter CLU professional designation and is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner FChFP. He also holds an MBA qualification. Professionally he is a Director, Financial Services at Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd, Singapore, managing an agency of 30 associates. He teaches in the FChFP and other agency management programs in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. He has been in the financial services industry since the late 80s and has achieved MDRT qualifications a number of times.

Mr. Jeff Wong ICSB Member

Mr. Jeff Wong graduated in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He majored in Accounting and received the degree of BBA. At the same year, he joined the Prudential Assurance Company Limited and now is the Agency Director. Jeff has also attained various recognitions including those international awards as well as his unrivalled business performance.

Jeff is dedicated to providing his services to the insurance industry. He is a member of Healthcare Reform Committee, HKSAR, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Appeal Board & Insurance Agents Registration Board. He had been the 2013 President of The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong, 2003-2004 President of GAMAHK and the Chairman of International Insurance & Finance Congress 2008.

Mr Banyong Witayaweerasak ICSB Member

Mr Banyong Witayaweerasak is the advisor to THAIFA Board. He served as the President of Thai Association of Insurance and Financial Advisor (THAIFA) during 2009-2011. In his term, he revitalized the FChFP course which is now very popular among Thai agents.

He graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy. He has been interested in the financial area for more than 25 years. He used to be a committee in a public company (Community Pharmacy Public Company Limited) for more than 10 years. He has written many articles about financial and business issues in a leading business newspaper for 20 years. He was the author of a pocket book named "Financial Fraud".

He holds 2 designations, FChFP and RFC. He was the founder of "ThaiFinancialAdvisor.com" which is the very first financial planning web site in Thailand. He has worked in Insurance field for more than 25 years. Now he is a District Manager in AIA (Thailand).

Mr Nick Hakes ICSB Member

Nick Hakes is the Head of Campus AFA for the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) in Australia. Nick is responsible for the design, build and implementation of the AFA's professional development curriculum. Over the last three years he has been intrinsically immersed in the growth of the FChFP designation.

Nick works with the AFA community of partners, licensees, advisers and members to promote the investment in education as the foundation for a sustainable and profitable advice profession. Over the last 15 years Nick has built upon his knowledge of investment, insurance and practice management solutions for financial advice businesses.

Nick is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP), holds a Bachelor of Commerce (International Business), Bachelor in Arts (Chinese), and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. He is contemplating taking the plunge on an MBA. Originally from NZ, Nick now lives in Melbourne. He makes his own wine which is more labour intensive than buying it, and sometimes not as good.

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